In Two Years
PG: Jeff Teague (Veteran PG)
SG: Austin Rivers (like R.Allen, one all star appearance)
SF: Harrison Barnes (Traded a few times from respected teams, 2x Championship ring, 2x allstar apperances)
PF: J.Sullinger (Traded for Josh Smith and few veterans, 1x Championship ring, 1x allstar apperance)
C: Fab Melo (Veteran C)
Coach: Lawrence Frank

PG: R.Rubio (Traded from the Timberwolves, 3x all star appearances)
SG: DeMar DeRozan (Traded from the Raptors, 2x all star apperances)
SF: Q.Miller (Most improved NBA player, 3x all star apperances)
PF: L.Aldridge (Veteran PF)
C: Andrew Bynum (Traded from the Lakers, 2x NBA championship)
Coach: Phil Jackson (Return from retirement to coach the Celtics)

PG: D.Lilliard (Solid PG, 1x nba allstar)
SG: Ma.Brooks (Solid SG, 2x nba allstar)
SF: R.White (Solid SF, huge steal for the Nets, 1x nba allstar)
PF: T.Robinson (Traded to the Nets, 2x nba allstar)
C: D.Jordon (Solid C, will probably retire as a Nets)
Coach: Ray Allen (Promoted as a coach after retirement from the league)

PG: T.Lawson (Traded for Kemba Walker + A.Davis)
SG: E.Gordon (Veteran SG - traded from the Hornets)
SF: C.Anthony (M.Jordon managed to pry C.Anthony and thus he will retire as a Bobcat)
PF: T.Thomas (After the reduced role of T.Thomas, he finally groved and proved himself that he can play)
C: Nerlens Noel (They finally get a C of the Future who`s not like K.Brown)
Coach: Rick Carlisle

PG: D.Rose (Veteran PG)
SG: W.Johnson (Solid defens
SF: K.Durant (Traded from the Thunder to form their terrific three)
PF: Patric Young (Solid PF)
C: Joakim Noah (Veteran C)
Coach: Doc Rivers

PG: K.Irving (Veteran PG - 3x allstar apperances)
SG: B.Beal (solid SG - 1 allstar apperance)
SF: L.James (Veteran SF - failed attempts for the Heat run for championship, the King came back as a Cav)
PF: Kevin Delano Young (2014 14th pick)
C: R.Hibbert (Solid C)
Coach: Erik Spoelstra

PG: D.Williams (Veteran PG - Following J.Kidd example, D.Williams will play as a Mav)
SG: Tim Hardaway Jr (Late pick back in 2013 but proved to be a solid starter)
SF: N.Batum (Veteran SF - 2x allstar appearances)
PF: C.Bosh (Veteran PF - last place for him before retirement)
C: Paul Gasol (Veteran C - last year in the NBA before retirement)
Coach: Steve Van Gundy

PG: K.Walker (Traded for T.Lawson, 2x allstar apperances)
SG: A.Affalo (Still around and still knocking down the 3s)
SF: R.Gay (Solid SF, last place for him before retirement)
PF: A.Davis (Solid PF, 3x allstar apperances)
C: K.Faried (Solid C, 2x allstar apperances)
Coach: George Karl

PG: B.Knight (Still around for the Pistons, 2x allstar apperances)
SG: J.Lamb (Solid SG that can shoot the lights out but due to injury, not an allstar material)
SF: T.Jones (Explosive SF with amazing leap and superb at defense)
PF: G.Monroe (Still around, 4x nba allstar appearences)
C: D.Cousins (FA signed by the Pistons, 2x nba allstar apperances)

Goldenstate (Thanks to San Francisco finance crash of 2012, the Warriors are back at Goldenstate)
PG: S.Curry (Still around for the Warriors, 5x allstar apperances)
SG: Se.Curry (The Curry brothers drafted by the Warriors in 2013 nba draft)
SF: P.Jones III (Traded due to locker room cancer, talent found as a Warrior)
PF: T.Zeller (Founded his potential and proved to the league that he`s not a bust)
C: A.Biedrins (Awakened from a coma and gained 30IB, a veteran C like A.Sabonis)
Coach: Scott Skiles

PG: C.Paul (Last place for him before retirement)
SG: K.Thompson (Traded to the Warriors for K.Martin but K.Martin announce retirement the year afterwards)
SF: R.Hood (Great athlete, solid defender at SF)
PF: Josh Smith (Last place for him before retirement)
C: Zhou Qi (Next Yao Ming, 2014 23rd pick)
Coach: Jerry Sloan (Return back from retirement to coach the Rockets)

Indianna - 2013 NBA Championship
PG: D.Collison (Still around, announce retirement as a Pacer, 1x nba champion)
SG: P.George (4x nba allstar, 1x nba champion)
SF: J.Green (2x nba allstar, 1x NBA champion)
PF: D.West (Still around, announce retirement as a Pacer, 2x nba allstar, 1x nba champion)
C: D.Howard (Veteran C - D.Howard decided to play with Pacers, a shocking trade in the summer of 2012, 1x nba champion, MVP, Playoff MVP)
Coach: Mark Jackson

LA Lakers
PG: B.Jennings (Traded to the Lakers, 3x nba allstar)
SG: Kobe (Still playing, decided to play until 50 years of age with the invention of biocybernetic legs)
SF: D.Galinari (Traded to the Lakers, 1x nba allstar)
PF: A.Bargnani (Traded to the Lakers, 2x nba allstar)
C: B.Lopez (Traded to the Lakers, 3x nba allstar)
Coach: Michael Curry

LA Clippers
PG: J.Wall (Traded to the Clippers for B.Griffin, 3x nba allstar)
SG: S.Muhammad (Clippers` Kobe, 2x nba allstar, slam dunk champion, 3point shootout champion)
SF: Tony Mitchell (Solid SF)
PF: A.Stoudamire (Last place for him before retirement)
C: Nene (Last place for him before retirement)
Coach: Mike Brown

PG: M.Conley (He's still around, will retire as a Grizzlies)
SG: T.Ross (Terrific 2 guard for the Grizzlies, Defensive player of the year of 2013)
SF: Austin Daye (Most improved player of the year since the trade to the Grizzlies 2013)
PF: J.Jerebko (Most improved player of the year since the trade to the Grizzlies 2014)
C: Alex Len (Bust)
Coach: Keith Smart

PG: J.Lin (proved himself that he`s starter PG, 2x nba allstar)
SG: BJ Young (solid at the 2 spot)
SF: Yi Jian Lian (traded back to the Bucks, solid at the 3 spot)
PF: A.Drummond (traded to the Bucks, 1x nba allstar)
C: Patric Young (2014 11th pick)
Coach: Tyronne Corbin

PG: R.Rondo (FA signed by the Heat in 2013)
SG: D.Wade (Announce he will retire as a Heat)
SF: Ma.Morris (The latter twins of the Morris Brothers, 2x nba allstar)
PF: T.Thompsons (solid PF, 2x nba allstar)
C: G.Oden (Thanks to the new invention of biocybernetic legs, Oden makes a comeback as a Heat)
Coach: Lenny Wilkins (Return back from retirement to coach the Heat)

PG: Jose Calderon (Veteran PG, nba allstar 2x since the trade to the Timberwolves, posted over 10apg)
SG: JJ Reddick (Solid Veteran SG)
SF: Dario Saric (Solid SF)
PF: K.Love (Veteran PF, multiple times at the nba allstar game, MVPx2)
C: M.Leonard (Solid C)
Coach: Sam Mitchell

New Orleans
PG: M.Teague (Solid PG)
SG: Matt Jones (2014 10th pick)
SF: T.Ariza (Yep, he's still around, 2x nba allstar)
PF: A.Jefferson (Yep, he's still around, last place for him before retirement)
C: B.Byombo (Traded to the Hornets)
Coach: Jeff Van Gundy (Return back from Broadcasting to coach the Hornets)

New York
PG: J.Fredette (Solid PG, 1x nba allstar apperances)
SG: I.Shumpert (Solid SG, 2x 3point championship)
SF: Kawahi Leonard (Solid SF)
PF: J.McAdoo (Solid PF)
C: C.Zeller (Solid C, 1x nba allstar apperance)
Coach: Byron Scott

PG: T.Parker (Veteran PG, last place for him before retirement, 1x championship for the Thunder)
SG: J.Harden (Solid SG, 3x nba allstar appearance, 2x nba championship for the Thunder)
SF: D.Williams (FA signed by the Thunder, no one can replace K.Durant in the history of the Thunder-Sonics franchise, 1x nba allstar)
PF: JaJuan Johnson (FA signed by the Thunder, most improved player)
C: Henry Sims (Solid starter, diamond in the rough, a double double guy)
Coach: Frank Vogel

PG: K.Marshall (Terrific pass first PG)
SG: T.Evans (FA signed by the Magic, 2x nba all star since the Magic)
SF: D.Granger (Last place for him before his retirement)
PF: A.Moultrie (Traded to the Magic, solid at PF)
C: Satnam Singh Bhamara (2014 9th pick)
Coach: Avery Johnson

PG: Avery Bradley (Solid PG, 1x nba allstar)
SG: Evan Turner (Still around, 4x nba allstar)
SF: Andre Igoudala (Will retire as a 76er)
PF: Ryan Anderson (Solid PF)
C: Cole Aldrich (Solid C)

PG: Tyronne Johnson (2014 8th pick)
SG: Alec Burks (OK SG)
SF: Julius Randle (2014 3rd pick)
PF: A.Nicholson (Solid at PF)
C: Robin Lopez (Still around for the Suns)
Coach: Rick Aldeman

PG: Russel Westbrook (FA signed with the Blazers, multiple nba allstars)
SG: Wesly Matthew (Still with the Trailblazers, 4x nba allstars)
SF: Sam Young (Veteran SF)
PF: Marcus Morris (The Morris Twins, plays the PF for the Trailblazers, double double guy)
C: Darko Milicic (Veteran C, last team before retirement)

PG: Myles Davis (2014 7th pick)
SG: J.Fredette (Takes T.Evans position as a 2 guard in the NBA, 2x nba star since T.Evans was traded)
SF: Adonis Thomas (Great steal for the Kings, solid at the 3 spot, defensive player of the year)
PF: D.Arthur (solid PF, double double guy)
C: J.Thompsons (Reclaim his starting position after D.Cousins was traded, 2x nba allstar since the trade)
Coach: Chris Webber (Got promoted as a head coach for his beloved Kings)

San Antonio
PG: Kasey Hill (2014 6th pick)
SG: E.Fournier (Solid SG, steal for the Spurs, a better M.Ginobili with athleticism, 1x nba champion back in 2013)
SF: M.Beasly (Veteran SF, last place for him before retirement, 2x nba allstar since trade to the Spurs)
PF: C.Landry (Veteran PF, last place for him before retirement, 1x nba allstar since trade to the Spurs)
C: A.Varejao (Veteran C, last place for him before retirement, 1x nba allstar since trade to the Spurs)
Coach: Greg Popovitch (Longest serving coach for one team)

PG: J.Holiday (Solid PG, 2x nba allstar)
SG: L.Fields (Solid starter SG, FA signed by the Raps)
SF: M.Kidd-Gilchirist (Drafted by the Raptors back in 2012, solid SF, 2x nba allstar)
PF: Alex Poythress (Solid PF drafted by the Raptors to replace A.Bargnani, immediate impact in the NBA)
C: J.Valanciunas (He's still around, 2x nba allstar)
Coach: D.Casey (Longest serving Raptors Coach)

PG: T.Wroten (Solid starter PG)
SG: Andrew Wiggins (2014 5th pick)
SF: Luol Deng (Last place for him before retirement)
PF: Taj Gibsons (Last place for him before retirement)
C: Enes Kanter (Solid veteran C, 1x nba allstar)
Coach: Dell Curry (Promoted as a head coach for the Jazz)

PG: Ian Miller (Solid starter PG)
SG: OJ Mayo (Finally reached his potential as a 20ppg, 3apg player)
SF: Ron Artest (Decided to change back to his name after 3 criminal activities)
PF: B.Griffin (Solid PF, 5x nba allstar)
C: M.Gasol (Solid C, traded from the Grizzlies
Coach: Pat Riley (Comes back from retirement to coach the Wizards)

Expansion Team
Ottawa Jackrabbits
PG: Rodney Stuckey (veteran PG)
SG: Kevin Pangos (4th pick overall 2014)
SF: Andrew Bennett (1st pick overall 2014)
PF: A.Blatche (Veteran PF, last place for him before replacement)
C: B.Mullens (Veteran C, double double guy)
Coach: Vinny Del Negro

Las Vegas Gamblers
PG: Myck Kabongo (Solid pass first PG)
SG: K.Caldwell Pope (Solid SG)
SF: Jabari Parker (2014 2nd pick)
PF: Ed Davis (Solid PF, double double guy)
C: J.McGee (Solid C, double double guy)
Coach: Kevin McHale

2012 Champion - San Antonio Spurs
2013 Champion - Oklahoma City Thunder
2014 Champion - Indianna Pacers

2014 Conference Standing
1)Boston Celtics (65-15)
2) Indiana Pacers (60-20)
3) Cleveland Cavs (54-26)
4) Chicago Bulls (48-32)
5) Washington Wizards (44-36)
6) Toronto Raptors (42-38)
7) Detroit Pistons (39-41)
8) Atlanta Hawks (36-44)
9) Brooklyn Nets (33-47)
10) New York Knicks (30-50)
11) Ottawa Jackrabbits (22-58)
13) Philadelphia 76ers (19-61)
14) Orlando Magic (14-66)
15) Milwaukee Bucks (12-68)

1) Denver Nuggets (62-18)
2) LA Lakers (60-20)
3) San Antonio Spurs (59-21)
4) Houston Rockets (57-23)
5) Minnesota Timberwolves (53-27)
6) LA Clippers (50-30)
7) Portland Trailblazers (48-32)
8) Dallas Mavericks (45-35)
9) Oklahoma City Thunder (40-40)
10) Las Vegas Gamblers (34-46)
11) Goldenstate Warriors (32-48)
12) Memphis Grizzlies (31-49)
13) Sacramento Kings (27-53)
14) New Orleans Hornets (22-58)
15) Phoenix Suns (17-63)

East Quarter Finals
Celtics (4) defeat Atlanta Hawks (2)
Pacers (4) defeat Pistons (1)
Cavs (2) lose Raptors (4)
Bulls (4) defeat Wizards (3)
East Semi Finals
Celtics (3) lose Bulls (4)
Pacers (4) defeat Raptors (2)
East Finals
Pacers (4) defeat Bulls (3)

West Quarter Finals
Nuggets (3) lose Mavs (4)
Lakers (4) defeat Blazers (2)
Spurs (4) defeat Clippers (3)
Rockets (3) lose Timberwolves (4)
West Semi Finals
Lakers (4) defeat Timberwolves (3)
Spurs (4) defeat Mavs (2)
West Finals
Lakers (4) defeat Spurs (1)

Championship Game
Lakers (3) lose Pacers (4)
Playoff MVP - Dwight Howard

MVP - Dwight Howard of Indiana Pacers
MIP - Jonas Jerebrko of Memphis Grizzlies
6th Man - George Hill of the T.Raptors
Defensive Player of the Year - Adonis Thomas of Sacramento Kings
Coach of the Year - Mark Jackson of the Indiana Pacers
Rookie of the Year (tie) - Andrew Wiggins of Utah Jazz
- Andrew Bennett of Ottawa Jack Rabbits

2014 draft of the Canadians (alrighty, it's about time)