Your ideas for a high risk - high reward move?

Mine....sign Greg Oden to 4 years 10million/2.5 million per year (2nd year team option, 3rd year team option, 4th year team option)

But Tim, that's crazy! you are saying. To which I would reply, yup.


playing in a reserve role 10-15 minutes a game and working with a real
medical team (headlined by Alex McKechnie) Could give us a solid serviceable big
for three years.

HIGH REWARD - this has disaster written all over it. But some part of me expects that Oden, while not having the perennial all star career many thought, could still turn into a 12pts 10 boards 2blcks centre. The team that gambles on him will likely be flushing millions down the shitter. But in the off chance he actually recovers and has what will probably be a solid 10 - 12 years, the team that takes that chance could be pleasantly surprised

Feel free to comment on this crazy move or craft one of your own for discussion.