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I guess the milllion dollar question is this: which type of trade would you rather make?

A) #8 pick & Davis & JJ --> #2 pick (Beal/MKG) & Maggette ($11M expiring contract)


B) #8 pick & Davis & JJ & DeRozan --> #25 pick & Rudy Gay

As much allure as there is with a draft pick, especially given how much we've discussed the draft on RR for the past couple months, I'd rather have Rudy Gay and the #25 pick (which could possibly be moved up with subsequent trades) than Beal/MKG and a year of wasting $11M on Maggette, even if doing so costs DeRozan (since #8 & Davis & JJ were included in both trades).

I agree.. I'd rather have Gay and #25. Beal/MKG are not a sure thing.. and Gay is a proven commodity. I like the idea of at least having one first rounder as well with that #25 pick.