Nice to read this. Refreshing to see the players taking responsibility for their recent short comings.

Bosh believes the Raptors defensive failures thus far have little to do with the system itself. It's the players' lack of execution that is to blame.

"We're talking about trying to be a good defensive team but we're not putting in consistent effort," Bosh said after he and his teammates were abused by a San Antonio team that was without it's top two offensive performers in Tim Duncan and Tony Parker.

"I'm not questioning the scheme," Bosh said. "We could talk about schemes all day he's supposed to be here and he's supposed to be there. It's just about getting the job done."

Bosh believes the talent assembled is fully capable of "protecting the house" and making the system work. His question is how much that assembled talent is committed to it.

"Anybody the greatest defensive coach ever could come in here but unless you execute it with some passion, it's probably not going to work," Bosh said.
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