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Thread: Dino Nation Blog: Chuck Swirsky Returns to the Starting 5

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    Default Dino Nation Blog: Chuck Swirsky Returns to the Starting 5

    Click the link below to listen.

    Chuck and his catch phrases would become known by all Raptor fans across the country. I found out after this interview that the Raps will be honouring Chuck in some way on Wednesday as part of the Bulls Raps game. Chuck never made a mention of that at all in this interview. I am sure he was aware of it because he references the Raps honouring Vince Carter on the 22nd. Chuck is just not that type of guy. Despite having his own bobble-head and being known more than some of the players, he always was a humble nice man.
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    Dino's got to ask this guy more probing questions. I know it's hard but that's the only way these interviews can be any fun. I've interviewed Jack Armstrong, Eric Smith and Matt Devlin and while they're all nice guys, they're usually pretty lame interviews. I'd say Tim Chisholm is the best.

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