This isn't really surprising. Gay to the Raps for any of the mentioned packages is more of a pipe dream than a realistic one. It's hard to think the Grizz would rather pay out big money to OJ Mayo than keep Gay alone, especially the way he played in his first playoff series. At times being the only Grizzly that could pull a made basket out of thin air.

I like OJ and all, but if the Grizz have to pick, OJ is out the door. The Raps really have no assets that would help the Grizz go deeper into the playoffs.

Iguodala is more realistic, maybe Josh Smith (though I don't know if teams actually want him, with his jumpshot happy-self), there's not a ton of options this year with SF's. Batum will be retained, any good young SF will cost more than the Raps realistically have to offer.