For those keeping track of the Grizzlies off season expenditures, they are now a luxury tax payer.

They have a payroll of $71.042M which includes the 2 year deals with 2nd year team option for Speights and Arthur at $3.5M/$5.0M.

Wroten has a cap hold of $925K but just about every single rookie signs for the max allowed of 120% of rookie scale so that is $1.11M. MEM tried to hold out on Xavier Henry a few years ago but they eventually signed for the 120%.

So the payroll is actually $72.152M and that is luxury tax territory.

The Grizz would have until June 30, 2013 to get below the tax.

However, they still do not have a reliable backup PG and are lacking the shooters needed to open the inside for Randolph and Gasol i.e. all the same problems of last year.