Raptors Republic has spoken...

With the 1st Pick in the 2012 Raptors Republic Mock Draft, the New Orleans Hornets select.....



2011-12 NCAA Statistics

PPG: 14.3
RPG: 10.4
FG%: 62.3
BPG: 4.7

•Long, athletic wingspan
•Excellent rebounder and shot blocker
•Good ball handler for his size
•Excels at taking people off the dribble
•Can defend multiple positions
•Terrific motor

•Needs to add strength/muscle
•Still figuring out how to play in the post

Analysis, as per ESPN Scouts

The Good: He's loooooooonnnnnng. He's a crazy athlete. He plays hard on both ends of the floor. He's tough. He changes the game without ever having the ball in his hands. He's a dominant shot-blocker. He can guard multiple positions on the floor. Elite rebounder. Emerging offensive player who can handle the ball and shoot perimeter shots. Great kid with a reputation of being a hard worker.

The Bad: He needs to get stronger. He's still feeling things out offensively.

The Upside: He's the hands-down consensus No. 1 pick in the draft. As long as he stays healthy, it's hard to see how he's going to fail at the next level.