WASHINGTON -- Andre Iguodala's strength as a defender has not been acquired easily.

"Probably one thing that I do that no one else does, I do defensive drills in the summertime,'' he said after U.S. men's Olympic team practice Saturday, 15 days before the opening game in London. "I go through a set of (defensive) slides a few times per day. And I'm sitting in a defensive stance for a minute straight. So I just try to prepare myself mentally for what I have to go through to help the team out.''

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"Getting out on the wings,'' said Iguodala with an affirming nod, "and pressuring the ball and creating turnovers. We're so athletic, we got to get out, and we've got to run. Teams are going to try to slow us down, so defensively is where we have to make it happen.''

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Iguodala is peaking at age 28. He led the eighth-seeded 76ers to a Game 7 at Boston in the second round of the playoffs, and now he has earned a chance to pursue an Olympic gold medal two years after helping the U.S. win the world championship in Turkey. His role with the national team helped buffer him from the recent moves of the 76ers, who lost leading scorer Lou Williams to free agency (signed with Atlanta) and power forward Elton Brand to amnesty (picked up by Dallas). Iguodala deflected questions about his franchise amid persistent speculation of recent years that he, too, will be moved.

"I haven't really sat down and thought about it too much,'' he said of the 76ers' roster. "My focus and energies have really been on the USA team and helping this team try to win games.''

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