what they say what is reality

Agents: "my guy has been promised to be picked at spot x if he is still on the board" I hope I can up my guys draft stock so I can keep making obscene amounts of money as a sports agent

GM's ".. we really like the crop of SG's .." We really intend to draft a PG

Draft prospect ".. I am going to surprise a lot of people.." but in reality I will limit my workouts because I am already over valued

Draft Boards: are actually selling public perception. Super agents can get their guy moved up considerably. Espn is the only board not for sale apparently.

Newspapers: Team x is apparently interested in players "y" and may show up at his door step Midnight July 1 when FA begins. me the sports writter hopes player "y" is flattered and comes our way.. also I am not sure what to write about until the draft,.... and I have a man-crush on player "y"

dumb fan: I love and am married to player "x" who just got big buz on someMockDraftSite. my life will not be complete unless we draft him. If we do not draft him I am cancelling my season tickets and our GM is a bum idiot. I am a knee jerk reaction waiting to happen. I am broke live with my parents and don't have season tickets. In fact I have not seen a game live since 2009

Smart fan: Calderon is a good PG I hope we keep him I really think he a bigger defensive liability than if we had Stephen Hawking defending us at the point of attack. However since this organization has repeatedly had the deck stacked against it - I have taken in upon myself to flood this forum with positive remarks about Calderon in the hopes that some dim witted GM reads my remarks and does a trade for Calderon that rivals Barbosa - for Turk-oh-pooh.

There is so much posturing, gamesmanship and crap floating around out there this time of year... what is real?