In case you missed Chad Ford's latest chat, he answers a questions about the Bulls getting into the top 10:

There are rumblings from several local reporters that the Bulls may be looking to move into the Top 10. Have you heard anything to that extent?

Chad Ford
Only way I could really see that happening is if the Raptors settled for Luol Deng there. A deal of Deng and No. 29 for Calderon and No. 8 might work for both sides.

It was a surprising choice of words to see Ford say if the Raps "settled" for Deng ... must be in reference to their alleged pursuit of Gay, Iguodala, etc.

There is definitely some sense to what he suggested in that Jose deal. The Bulls are looking for an upgrade for this season, which Jose could offer ... and also provides a big expiring deal for Rose to slide back into his lead role, and the Bulls to maybe have some money for shopping - or at least avoid luxury tax.

Maybe #8 for them would be someone like Austin Rivers, to score alongside Rose - who knows.