People here massively over value picks. Deng may not be a top 5 small forward but he is a good fit for this team and he comes from a team that is among the best in the league so he may bring that winning mentality. He has ridiculous size and length, plays great D, and actually shoots pretty well from 3. People here seem to like Gay but he is a pretty awful distance shooter, which is one of the things Casey said we need. Igi is better but he doesn't have much size and a line up of him an Derozen may have some trouble dealing with the big 3's around the league. I think Deng is the perfect fit here and I really like the deal, assuming we can find a good replacement for Calderon. I do think it's tipped a little bit in the Bulls favor (Calderon is pretty good) but if they threw in a protected future first I'd probably do the deal.