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Thread: Colangelo going for broke? Bayless Bust? JJ a head case?

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    Quote charlz wrote: View Post
    Good point but no mention of Salary cap usage. If you jump on Deng or Iggy you loose number 8 and burn up 1/4 of your cap.
    I think 1/4 of the cap and #8 is worth more personally.
    Thanks for the qualification. Not saying I agree, but your point makes more sense now.

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    Hopefully BC isn't going for broke. I think if you can get Rudy Gay, that's the only player you go broke for because he can still grow with this young team. But you didn't see OKC making moves out of the lottery and since they seem to have the prevailing small-market build model, it might be better long term to keep the pick, preserve cap space and go for broke once this team is forced to make a move (expiring rookie scale contracts - ie, next year)

    This is BC we are talking about here, but hopefully Stefanski keeps him in check and BC realizes that a steady improvement from last year would probably still earn him another 2 year extension

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