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Didn't mean to imply anything else but 1) I don't believe there are any full-time basketball coaches in Canada and 2) with 10 times the population, and with basketball being a bigger deal south of the border than north, there is more choice if you are looking for top level coaching. Better programs, better facilities and a guy who can work with you the whole school year, getting ready for the season, during the season and then after the season until school is over. Then most even minor centres have very high level non-school programs.

Overall the competition is better and coaching is better (I make the assumption that a player moving to the states to improve his basketball is going to one of the pre-eminent locations available to them, not just to any old high-school).
While there are no paid high school (public) coaches in Canada, there are many that run a program all year long, I know, I have been involved in a couple programs as a coach. The season in NS starts official try outs in high school in October, games begin in November and playoffs finish in March. April we start working with our returning players and the junior high kids around the community, we do a small spring league and also take a group to a team camp in July. We put on a summer cap in August and then start a conditioning/skills group in September. This is not uncommon in NS, and for the size of the province we produce many post secondary ball players. My team alone is sending all 5 seniors to CIS and CCAA schools this year. We have a shooting machine, resistance bands, agility ladders, weighted balls, and much more for our kids....and we are not a Metro school. I would say that the "rural" schools out here do a better job than the metro schools in developing talent and teaching kids the right way to play. We just don't get the depth of talent.