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Thread: 4 Team Trade ++

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    Default 4 Team Trade ++

    Trade #1

    Toronto gets Gay & #25 from Mem , Okafor & #10 from NOH
    They get the SF stud they covet as well as being able to add to the stable with 2 first rounders , these picks will not be expected to come in and save the day right away but be able to get their feet wet and get their game adjusted to the NBA, plus with Okafor we get a solid C that still has lots left in the tank even though we are over paying but may be worth it in the long run if JV stumbles.

    New Orleans gets Calderon from TO , Omri Casspi & # 24 from Cleveland
    They clear over $30 M in 2 years while still having 2 picks in the first round plus adds a quality PG and reserve SF. This move is all about rebooting the team and starting to build around Davis. This move opens a lot of opportunity for them to sign some FA that fit around Davis

    Cleveland gets Ariza from NO , Weems (S&T) & #37 & #57 from TO
    They are in need of some help in the SF and SG positions , this move gives them a decent SG in Weems as well as a defensive SF in Ariza and still leaves them 2 more second rounders that they can maybe package with their other 2 they already have.

    Memphis gets Davis, Kleiza & #8 from TO plus 2013 Lottery protected 1st
    Memphis reduces their salaries for 2013 by over $10M and gives them 2 quality bench players as well as 2 First rounders that they can restock the shelves with.

    Trade # 2

    I'm not entirely sure on how this one would have to be done , but I am assuming that we can work out something between Phoenix and TO for Nash and send Bayless the other way......

    Draft signings
    #10 select Lillard or Marshall
    #25 select Royce White , Doron Lamb or another late first rounder

    PG Nash / Lillard or Marshall (#10) / Uzoh
    SG DeRozan / Forbes / D Lamb (#25 or FA)
    SF Gay / JJohnson / Royce White (#25 or FA)
    PF Bargnani / A Johnson / Diaw (FA)
    C Valacianus / Okafor / Magloire

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    I like this trade but instead of getting Royce White, i would target Quincy Miller

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