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I made this post elsewhere but I'll put it in the proper thread:

I like this trade.

They keep #3. They already have a wealth of young players. They get 2 solid professionals. They now amnesty Blatche.

If both are healthy this is a great trade and it should make the Wiz a playoff team in my opinion.


Plus they have just $49M in salary commitments.

Eric Koreen at National Post is slamming this trade on Twitter - I think he is nuts.

In thinking about it a bit more, Ariza and MKG are interchangeable at the 2/3 in my opinion much like Okafor and Nene are interchangeable at the 4/5. Beal or MKG will most likely be their pick in my opinion. I'm actually leaning a little towards MKG due to Kentucky/Callipari connection with Wall but Beal would be a better fit I think.
1. Beal at No 3 makes a lot more sense (more than Drummond or even MKG). As a Raptor fan I would rather they take Drummond (Plus I am curious to see that guy eat his own shit)
Nene, Okafor & Vesely are all poor outside shooters. Ariza OK at the best.
2. WRT Blatche -I read somewhere that he is "seriously getting in shape & trying to resurect his career". Personally I will believe it when I see it. With some veterans on the team, and team looking like a solid playoff team -I can see him getting back.
Their salary situation is actually not bad. In 2-3 years when they need to resign Wall & Beal, Okafor & Ariza will be gone (or resigned for a lot less).