This is only based on rumors that I've read on RealGM, but I think that there is possibility that MKG and Barnes might drop in the draft. It's been rumored that Cleveland is thinking long and hard about drafting Waiter at the 4th spot. This could only mean that Cleveland isn't successful in swapping picks with Charlotte, so the Bobcats will keep the second pick. Also, it's been rumored that Sacremento is leaning towards picking Drummond Over Barnes. With all this taken into consideration along with the assumption that Charlotte will draft Thomas Robinson and the assumption that no draft trade happens involving the top 8, it's possible that the following mock draft might happen:

New Orleans: Anthony Davis (Obvious #1 pick)
Charlotte: Thomas Robinson (The need a solid athletic big to score and get rebounds)
Washington: Bradley Beal (The only starting position they need to fill is SG and Beal is the best SG in the draft)
Cleveland: Dion Waiter (Cavs seem to really want a SG. AP did retire yesterday)
Sacramento: Andre Drummond (Sacramento is very high on Drummond probably to put him next to Cousins)
Portland: Damian Lillard (Portland needs a PG since Felton has failed to impress last season)
Golden State: MKG/Barnes (GS needs a SF just like us)
Toronto: Barnes/MKG (We desperately need a starting SF)

Not saying that this will happen, but it's definitely a possibility.