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its a 5minutes difference to Batum. Extrapolating to 36mins per game to compare the two (which are normally 5mpg apart) does not skew the results, obviously the numbers themselves really do not matter, thats why i did not post them, I just showed how much more efficiently (33%!) JJ is at Blks, Stls, Assists, and Rebounds compared to Batum.

My argument is that the lack of a jumpshot is the only difference, is this a difference that deserves 4-6 extra million dollars? In certain cases, if you have no jumpshooting anywhere else in your roster, than yeah it is worth it (Batum is still clearly the much better player) but otherwise I feel safe with the positive impact JJ has on the team and would not mind one bit to see him start at SF. In fact I would like to see what happens if he gets a consistent starting job all season. (His Win shares were like the only positive WS rate on the team.)
I agree with enlightenment, I think JJ is a great player especially for what we pay him. I wish someone could do an analysis of JJ's shooting numbers from the first half of the season and the second half of the season we will see that his mid range jumper improved by leaps and bounds towards the end of the season.

People have to remember that last year was the first year that JJ actually had consistent minutes since he came into the NBA, I think his numbers are quite impressive considering that fact.

He is our best defensive player. I hear people making the argument that "he is just a stat stuffer", everyone who plays in the NBA trys to be a stat stuffer, the difference is that JJ actually does it. The only thing I can think of that is a negative about him is the spat that he had with Casey at the end of the year. I would love to see the raptors give him another shit this year, and start him from the beginning of the year, to see what we really have in him.