Well, we've sped up the time-frame from when we were looking to add another staff member to forums here at Raptors Republic. Originally when Matt52 stepped down I said later this summer or fall, but staff here also have busy lives outside of the message board. Some are getting married, raising children, taking vacations, just need a break in general, etc. So, we could use the help and some additional eyes on the boards now.

That being said, I'd like you all the stand-up (figuratively, not literally .... but you can if you'd like too) and welcome CalgaryRapsFan as the newest member of our team and staff here at RR. CRF has been a well respected and liked member to our forums for over 2 years now. Very level headed, sane and even tempered too (maybe not in a couple months from now as a moderator). The kind of member that any active forum/board would love to have.

The goal would still be to add one more member to our team later this summer/fall (I'll keep my word this time), so stay tuned for that and more news down the road.

Welcome aboard CRF!!!