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Thread: Inside the War Room - Draft Night

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    Default Inside the War Room - Draft Night

    I read, in a recent interview, that Colangelo doesn't operate on a best player available basis. It's actually a combination of both BPA and positional need.

    For example

    Tier 1 - Anthony Davis
    Tier 2 - Harrison Barnes, Bradley Beal, Andre Drummond, MKG, Thomas Robinson
    Tier 3 - Jeremy Lamb, Dion Waiters, Damian Lillard,
    Tier 4 - Austin Rivers

    All these names are just for the purpose of the example.

    So with the 8th pick Colangelo obviously would not be able to take anyone in Tier 1.
    Now say by the time our pick roles around Andre Drummond is still available and so is everyone in Tier 3. Drafting based on positional need would dictate going with Lamb or Waiters but because someone (anyone really) fell into Tier 3 they get drafted regardless of position. This is in fact what happened with Ed Davis. We were not looking for a PF in that draft as Bargs was great. The same thing happened with Valanciunas, we were very much looking for a PG last year in order to give them two years to develop under Calderon. But Valanciunas who they had on the board in a higher tier fell, and we ended up with a potential stud at center. Now in the case that all the players from Tier 2 are gone by pick 8 it then becomes a positional decision. If,on the draft board, their isn't a whole lot of daylight between players and Colangelo decides PG is more important than 2 or 3, Lillard, even though he may not the best Tier 3 candidate gets selected.

    There are generally two camps when it comes to this.

    BPA no matter what and sort it out after Or

    Draft best positional fit.

    The Wolves were openly mocked for selecting 3 PGs in one draft I believe.

    It seems very Colangeloesque that he would merge the two thoughts and attempt to get the best of both worlds


    sidenote: I realize there are a lot of draft threads so put this wherever you think it will fit best
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