The Raptors head into this offseason with flexability to rival some of the leagues top power players in the Free Agency and Trade markets. This will be the biggest test of Bryan Colangelo's ability to both evaluate and court talent as well as manufacture good deals that net us the pieces necessary to become a playoff team. Here are the resources and assets at our disposal:

Cap Space (all figures rough):
-$5.5 M in pure space
-$12 M if Bayless' rights are denounced
-$16 M to $19 M if amnesty is used on Linas or Amir
1st Round
- #8
2nd Round
- #37, #56
- J.Calderon ($10 M Expiring)
- E.Davis (Talented Big/Rookie Contract)
- L.Klieza (Bench Scorer/Small-Mid Size Contract)
- $5 M Mid-Level Exception
- Amnesty Clause (Expiring in December?)
- Minimum Contracts

- Improved PG (more athletic, defensive, distributer, shooter)
- Star SF (Highly talented on Off/Def, Experienced)
- Experienced Big (stopgap for Valanciunas)
- Bench Scoring (shooters, playoff experience, leaders)
- Defensive Players (plug-in stoppers, vets)