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I agree that I like the idea of signing Nash. But if it was any other player who was turning 39 next season that BC was considering signing to $10M per season, I think more fans might be skeptical. If moving from the dry heat of Phoenix to the bone-numbing frigid cold of Toronto causes Nash's age to catch up to him and he only plays 1 season (but gets paid for 3), fans will be lining up outside BC's office with burning torches, referring to the signing as Hakeem 2.0!

I'd hardly call his opinion "hating". He's got a valid point, it just happens to be in the minority right now.
well if you check his track record most of his threads are reactions to things like the draft or a signing that he dislikes. Basically it is hating. Most of the time he's wrong and he's said this line a million times: "I will not support this team if management waste money on..." but yet he's still here. The dude needs to make up his mind, when i first became a raptors fan i used to be like that too. But you gotta keep an open mind if your a raptors fan or you'll get screwed.