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Except for Alabi, the 5 players you mentioned are very serviceable, and IMO, fits the Raps system and the team objectives. Of course if it means getting a superstar by trading these players is possible then of course do it, but to write them off coz theyre not "all-star" material is IMO a bit unreasonable.
I agree. Why do they give Bargs 7 years to get his SHHH together and then dump Bayless ( and possibly JJ, Davis, DeRozen) so quickly?

Bayless reminds me so much of Billups - it will really hurt if he realizes his potential. They did not have to give him a big role but to loose him for nothing????

Oh yeah I forgot it is MLSE they are all about bottom line. So to amnesty calderon and keep Bayless that would mean they would be paying for both players...