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One of my concerns is that Toronto now has Fields, JJ, Kleiza, DeRozan, Ross and Forbes on the wings (excluding Acy, who could slide to SF in a big lineup). That is 6 players, 5 of whom are legit, solid rotation players (Forbes being the exclusion). The problem though, is that none of them are proven high-quality STARTERS, with the possible exception of DeRozan if he continues to improve this year - he is weak defensively and has a horrendous outside shot. Ross could very well become a great starting SG, but he's likely at least a few seaons away from that.

DD - at best, he's a starting SG
Ross - solid backup SG, could develop into starter in a few seasons
Fields - solid backup SG or SF
Kleiza - solid backup SF or PF in a smaller lineup
JJ - solid backup SF

I still think the Raptors need to add a legitimate, high quality, veteran starting SF. Even if such a SF (ie: Iggy) is acquired and JJ is traded away, the Raptors are still going to be hard pressed to find enough playing time for all 5 players (the same problem holds true even if they roll with the 5 players they have now). Fields is a decent signing, albeit a little overpaid, but he just adds to the logjam at the wing position on the 2nd unit.
I agree for the most part. I think we are going to have to wait to see how any further trades shake out before we can evaluate this signing proper.

I think fields has the potential to be a starter and I am not too worried about his second year stats. I am hoping for a course correction on that front from him. This season was a disaster from a development standpoint for younger players with limited practice time. That coupled with the circus that the knicks were and the style of play they really didn't give him a chance to be successful. I would put Ed Davis in the same boat. Even DD to a lesser extent. The limited practices they got were focused on this defensive philosophy. Would have loved to have Casey and no shortened season for DD since he got here. I can guarantee he would be a better player for it.