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JR Smith & Novak plan to re-sign with the NYK, which should all but guarantee that they don't match Toronto's offer for Fields (was probably very unlikely already).

Here's a link to the story on ESPN: http://espn.go.com/new-york/nba/stor...ew-york-knicks

I hope BC is at least inquiring about making the signing a S&T deal... a 2nd round pick for Fields would also leave NYK with a $6.2M TPE, I believe... I wonder if that would be sufficient incentive for NYK to help Toronto out (especially since we didn't sign Nash as a result of the offer to Fields)?

Is there a benefit for us doing a sign and trade for fields vs signing him to the offer sheet other than the Knicks not matching? I'm clear on the fact that they get a TPE out of it, just unsure if doing a S&T gives us more options to acquire players