Link to story about Anderson trade from Orlando to New Orleans:

One line stands out as a perfect comparison to the Fields/NYK situation and why a S&T could/should still be pursued:

The Magic had the opportunity to match New Orleans' four-year, $36 million offer sheet, but declined.
If NYK choose not to match the offer made by Toronto, they should put pride/spite aside and do what is in their best interest, which would be to facilitate a S&T deal that actually returns assets, rather than simply letting Fields walk for nothing in return.

A deal for a 2nd round pick and/or rights to Zubcic, in addition to the $3.15M TPE that would be created (50% of a $6.3M annual salary for Fields), would be beneficial to NYK and would cost them absolutely nothing. It seems like a no-brainer... but this is the NYK we're talking about ;-)