Hey Guys, I just wanted to note that I have observed, and participated in some great on-going conversations on the board lately, and its been alot of fun. Kudos!

I will occasionally go check out the other Raptors Boards to spy and just see what they've got going on, and I tell you what; the solid, and positive, contributions we get from SO many people is unmatched.
And its all done without an OUNCE of disrespect ... toward anyone directly on the board anyway. hah
Really an impressive feat.

Have seen alot of new 'faces' around the board, which has only contributed massively to an already stellar forum.
I know we say it all the time, but I just wanted to say it again - this Board is TOP NOTCH.
Keep up the good work Fellas!

Feel free to drop any words of the Positive Vibration in this thread!