Hello my friends at Raptorsrepublic.....I don't know if anyone has mentioned it already but isn't BC such a smart guy??? lmaoo I'm not so familiar with the financial side of the NBA but too me it seems like the Raptors have screwed themselves over AGAIN signing an overpaid roleplayer in Landry fields. Hasn't this organization done that before and it always failed? Now what's going to happen? Is it possible to still chase a PG, I'm hoping somehow we do get Kyle lowry, that guy is a monster. I've read somewhere that the suns were intersted in Landry fields and I heard they were targeting Kyle lowry (long time ago) as well...maybe we can work a sign & trade and still get Lowry for Fields....Most likely PHX wouldn't want to handle Field's high contract so maybe we have to send some of our assets as well... Please my Raptorsrepublic friends, tell me we aren't screwed and that we can still get out of this mess!! I love this team and I want us to win, I dont see Calderon running the show again, I dont want him too! we need to move forward...Thanks! One love

LMAOOOO!! I just read the post above me and ppl saying we got LOWRY is it true???it sounds to good to be true, I couldn't sleep lastnite and i just wake up to this!!!! no wayyyyy