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The Mavs just lost out on Deron Williams and Nash, then Jason Terry jumped ship for Boston. Think they're 'in trouble'? Free agents are fickle, and all it takes is an all-star or two turn perception around (see: LA Clippers and Minnesota Timberwolves).

The franchise is fine, all that's really happened is that the Raps have had a string of draft picks that haven't fully panned out or developed into the kind of players you can build around. A lot of mid-market teams wander the NBA wilderness for a lot longer than that before they land the stars needed to guide them back to playoffs. The Raps just need to be patient, use this year to see what they've got in their young players, maximize flexibility going forward and then make some tough decisions about who to keep and who to trade.

Unfortunately BC is the team's GM and his job on the line, which means my answer could change in the coming days or weeks depending on how badly he fucks it up.
I enjoyed your post. And I agree, Dallas has been a WTF situation since their parade. As far as the patience angle, I find it difficult to stay with you. Patience is fine if you trust the guy in charge.

(Time for a classic cliche..) ... That being said, if we walk out of this with Dragic and Illysova (at reasonable deals of course), I could definitely get on board with that. If we can whiff on every "plan A" from Colangelo, we be 'aight.