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    Default Lets just stick with Calderon

    Even when It appeared as though Steve Nash was going to become a raptor, I felt like I wasn't sure if we were really making THAT big of an upgrade at the PG.

    Calderon had a career year with 10.5 pts/8.8 ast/3 reb a game in 33 min.

    Can we really say with confidence that Dragic or Lowry will be much better than that? Or is it just a matter of us wanting to see a change happen.

    I honestly do not believe that PG is the position that we need to be targeting for a change. I think with Bayless and Calderon we probably have one of the better one-two tandems in the NBA. Maybe we should sit tight and just fill in holes in our roster with role players, creating a team with solid depth.

    After the Landry Fields signing though, I am not even sure if we have any cap space left to significantly upgrade any other position.

    All that I am saying is that lets not make a move just for the sake of making one, unless it addresses a NEED that we have. Our current depth chart (in brackets players that can fill gaps for us):

    PG: Calderon/Bayless/(uzoh) <- Uzoh will be dirt cheap and be a good emergency PG.
    SG: Derozan/Ross/Forbes
    SF: Fields/Johnson/Kleiza
    C: Valancuinas/Amir/(Gray) <- I would like us to resign Aaron Gray.
    PF: Bargnani/Davis/Acy

    One thing I can say about our team is that it looks like we do have good depth, our second unit with: Bayless, Ross, Johnson, Gray, and Amir doesn't seem too bad off the bench to me. It all depends on if we have a healthy Andrea Bargnani, a Derozan that takes a solid step forward, and Valanciunas panning out the way we hope he will.

    I think our slow and steady growth strategy was working well, I liked the idea of having "flexibility" lol. But I honestly believe that we can still sneak into the east with the 7th or 8th seed with the above line up. What do you guys think?
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