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The rumour going around now is that the raptors are in trade talks with the 76ers for Igoudala.
The trade would send Calderon, DeMar Derozan, and Ed Davis for Andre Igoudala and Nikola Vuvejic.

I have mixed feelings with this trade. I feel Demar has a lot of room to grow and shouldn't be the first to be traded for a guy in his prime who will soon decline. But at the same time we have Ross and likely fields and this would solve our largest problem and we'd get vuvejic another center. Assuming this was the last move this offseason our lineup would look like

Lowry/Bayless(if resigned)
Ross/Fields(or vice versa)

This brings me to ask the question, if this happens aren't we almost just as weak at the sg spot as we are now at sf? I know Ross and fields will both get better but it just seems like its translating our problems to another position.