Jeepers Cripes! Are you people really that soft for DD? Pack your shit and go! DD will never be an all-star and it`s the right time to get rid of him. We`re getting Iggy for DD.....good deal imo. I don`t care about DD ``upside`` because to me his ceiling is not as high as we think with our Raptors goggles on. I`m tired of this attitude that you have to grow 8 young guys together so that in 7 years we will have a championship calibre team for many years..BS Look at Dallas they aren`t even two full seasons removed and will never see a finals again for years. We are not OKC and were never going to be. The draft luck they had combined with Perkins coming over at the right time is something that might happen to ONE team once in every 2-4 year stretch. No guarantees. If this trade goes down we have a very good team and one that is capable of more than an 8th seed.