One more 2 go,Amnesty Calderon or trade him and get quality Andre Igudala and Tyreke Evans.
So far so good...
As for..oh no we have no backup pg,u can find individual 2 play 15 minutes,free agent market for minimum salary, you know coach gonna play Kyle Lowry 35 minutes and more.
As for what I'm looking for this year.

Kyle Lowry
Tyreke Evans
Andre Igudala
Andrea Bargnani
Jonas Valanciunas

And yes it can be done,raptors have plenty of talent,draft picks,derozan,ed davis,calderon one year contract,money..
It's time 2 be relavant in the association,compete,is it championship team,probably not,but it would get the fans eager 2 watch nba again,especially me.