All this Steve Nash, Captain Canada, Oh-the-marketing-possibilities talk has got me curious. I wonder how big a part Canadian patriotism plays in determining the Raptor's fan base.

I'm a Canadian expat with perhaps less national pride than the average Canadian, but I definitely root for the Raptors mostly because they're a Canadian franchise. Yet, I have lots of Canadian friends that favor various American teams for no particular reason. I also have Irish friends that follow certain English soccer teams closely. For many people, a team's geography has little to do with their popularity. But I suspect in the Raptor's case, it's a big deal. And, I'll bet very few Americans root for the Raps or any other Canadian sports franchise.

Since we, here, are all definitely bona fide Raptors fans, let's take an enlightening survey and see what the stats tell us. People can post their own particular reasons for liking the Raptors too, in the ensuing thread. Maybe this would even help defuse some of the silly bickering (much of it involving personal attacks) that has been going on lately. I likely won't be typing any more than I already have, but voting in a poll is pretty easy.