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Thread: The Amundson Burner!

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    Default The Amundson Burner!

    This is a four team deal, so it'll never happen...but,

    To Toronto:
    Boris Diaw
    Louis Amundson
    Ramon Sessions

    To Phoenix:
    Mark Blount
    Brian Cardinal
    Acie Law
    Timberwolves 2010 1st rd. pick (proj. 13th overall)
    Timberwolves 2011 1st rd. pick (via charlotte)

    To Minnesota:
    Amar'e Stoudemire
    Marcus Banks

    To Charlotte:
    Jose Calderon
    Oleksiy Pecherov
    Aleksander Pavlovic
    Raptors 2010 2nd Rd. Pick (proj. 44th overall)

    In this deal, Toronto gets a legit backup point guard in Sessions (too bad Douby is gone...), they get Diaw, a guy BC loves and a player who can play/defend multiple positions, and they get an energy guy who can rebound in the Amundson burner.

    Phoenix gets the cap relief they want (enough to have a shot at re-signing Amar'e in the offseason), they get a serviceable point guard in Law, and they get all of the draft picks that they wanted.

    Minnesota gets Amar'e, which is who they want, and they get out from under Sessions' contract, which makes little to no sense with Rubio and Flynn on the roster.

    And Charlotte finally gets a stable point guard, and can let Felton walk at season's end. They also get Cap relief to go after a Joe Johnson type in the offseason, and a pick to top it off.


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    Phoenix is going to give up Amar'e and Amundson for nothing but cap relief and a couple mediocre picks? Acie Law might be capable of playing minutes somewhere in the NBA, but it ain't in Phoenix behind Nash, Dragic, and Barbosa. And look at Phoenix's depth in the frontcourt after that trade: behind Frye and Lopez they'd have Jarron Collins, Earl Clark, Cardinal, and Blount. All four of those guys could contend for the title of "worst big man in the NBA", and none of them can put the ball in the hoop if their life depended on it, which means they'd bring PHX's brilliant offense to a grinding halt.

    And how about Minnesota? They've already got two great bigs in Jefferson and Love, so if they traded for Stat they'd have to dump one of them, likely for pennies on the dollar. And what are the odds Stat is gonna re-sign in Minny at the end of the season?

    Okay, so it's already incredibly stupid for two out of the four teams...let's look at Charlotte. They're going to give up the only competent power forward on their roster, the only really skilled facilitator on a team that already struggles mightily to score, for an extra point guard (who can't play defense)? When they're already one of the hottest teams in the league? Why would they risk messing up a good thing?

    But hey, it's a great trade for the Raptors, right? Ummm...let's see. We give up the best backup point guard in the league, and we get back an undersized power forward who is known primarily for his perimeter skills and ability to facilitate offense for others, and (before this season) for his atrocious D, along with a good backup point guard and an "energy" guy who does the exact same things Amir does, but worse. At best it's a wash for the Raps--I'd lean towards the Raptors being on the losing end of this deal too except that they dump Banks.

    I normally don't bother to comment on ridiculous trade proposals, but this is honestly the single most ass-backwards one I have ever seen. Every team but Toronto comes out much worse, and Toronto is at best marginally better.

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