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I understand that line of thinking for Iggy or Granger, given their age. Gay will only be 27 next season, so he should have a solid 5 years left.

Also, depending what happens with Orlando (Howard) and Atlanta, the Raps could have a decent shot at making the playoffs next season with the revamped roster (Valanciunas, Lowry, Ross, Fields, Acy, healthy Bargnani), let alone after the addition of a top-tier starting SF. Chicago (Rose), Orlando (Howard), Atlanta (Johnson/Williams), Philly (Brand/Iggy?) and Boston (Allen/older) all have bigtime questions heading into next season, leaving Miami & Indy as the surefire bets for the playoffs. NY and NJ will be competitive, but I would put Toronto into the this top-10 discussion, ahead of the rest of the teams in the East. Depending what happens in Orlando, Atlanta and Philly, Toronto could be right in the thick of the playoff race next year, meaning the addition of a veteran start SF would be extremely beneficial - not only for making the playoffs, but just showing the youngsters how to win.
I love your optimism and I don't completely disagree, but if we do make the playoffs next year it'll be one of these eked out berths where we'll be lucky to take 1 game in the series against Miami. Even with a very good veteran SF, there's too much inexperience on the team to do any damage in the first 1-2 years. You're still looking at a lineup of guys whose total experience adds up to barely more than that Vet's experience (JV=0, Ross=0, Acy=0, Fields=2, DeRozan=3, Bargnani=6) to Iguodala=9).

I do agree with learning how to win though, so either you bring in that young potential Rudy Gay type, or you bring in a savvy vet (if you can find one willing to play for this kind of team). Chances are though that same winning guy would prefer to play for a contender. I think we can learn how to win just fine by ourselves though, judging by the many ill-advised wins we pulled off towards the end of last season.