Link - What general manager has the worst contracts in the NBA?

Let's rank the guys based on how untradeable (NOTE: Untradeable is a relative term. Every player is 'tradeable.' I mean which guys are 'untradeable' in that their teams would get little of value or an equally horrendous contract back in return) their worst contracts are:

4. Bryan Colangelo

The Jose Calderon ($9 million plus per year) and Andrea Bargnani (rising to $12 million in 2013) were not very good signings. Hedo Turkoglu ($9 million this year, rising to $12 million by the end) was really not good. It's hard to see another team desiring any of those contracts and it's even harder to see a team built with those three as key players getting out of the first round of the playoffs.
Interesting read. However...

I TOTALLY disagree with this person's critical valuation of BC signings of Jose and Andrea. I think both are being paid their fair market value, which makes them good contracts. And given how well Jose and Andrea are playing right now (especially Andrea), their age and the positions they play, I think other teams would love to steal both of them from us, which makes them entirely tradeable.

As for Hedo's contract signing, it isn't looking good at this time but I think it's prudent and just for us to wait at least two to three seasons before fully criticizing it (and BC).

That said, the only really bad contract on the team is Marcus Banks'.

(Note: The writer's list includes a total of 19 GM's)