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So when players come out its to the 'detriment' of their teams, but when GMs do its a positive route to take because it helps control 'gossip and shady dealings'? Sure seems like a double standard to me

Both the Denver and Orlando situations was played out publically. I don't remember who initiated it, but it has led to no shortage of gossip, rumours, shady dealings and bad will towards both parties.
Sure seems like you've already made up your mind and I wasted pixels in response so you could further purse your argument against any or all counter arguments.

Why has Denver and Orlando played out so publicly? Carmelo and no one in Denver publicly addressed the situation and it has been the same in Orlando. Who initiated it? Come on, seriously? Really? Who wanted out of Denver and who wants out of Orlando? Who do you think initiated it all?

This is an old lockout topic but players are employees. It is not their right to sabotage the company. If management chooses a course of action then one would have to assume they are doing so in what they perceive to be in the best interests of the company. You might not agree but you aren't getting paid to agree or make the decision in the first place.

Maybe you are too young to remember but years ago Frank Gifford and Kathy Lee-Gifford fought rumours published in the National Enquirer that he had been unfaithful. The Gifford's fought back saying it was not true. The Enquirer said, "Umm, yeah they are and if you don't fess up we'll prove it." The Gifford's called them out again. Next issue: photos of Frankie at the local hour rate motel with a huge tittied blonde. The story then become national news - not just tabloid fodder - and the Gifford's look pretty silly. Moral of the story: with controversy on the horizon, deal with it on your own terms publicly before someone else is able to spin it to your detriment.