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Thread: Because Wilson Chandler is a better option than Iggy

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    Default Because Wilson Chandler is a better option than Iggy

    Step 1:
    Grant Calderon his wish, recieve 2 draft picks, a backup C, a backup PG, while clearing the log jams at PG, SF, and PF

    Toronto Sends:*
    Jose Calderon, James Johnson, Ed Davis

    Toronto Recieves:
    Andries Biedrins, Roddy Beaubois, Dallas 2013 Second Round pick, Golden State 2015 First Round pick

    Step 2:
    We then take the two picks we just got along with Ross in exchange for Wilson Chandler, a starting SF

    Step 3:
    * Sign Either Aaron Gray or Jamaal Magloire
    ** If Fields is matched, sign Randy Foye, Shannon Brown, or CJ Miles
    ***Best Summer League PG between Ben Uzoh, Tu Holloway, or Bobby Brown

    Valanciunas/ Biedrins/ *
    Bargnani/ Johnson/ Acy
    Chandler/ Klieza
    DeRozan/ **
    Lowry/ Beaubois/ ***

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    I would have to agree I think Chandler is a better long term solution than Iggy but what would we have to trade with Denver straight up? They will be looking to save some cash and clear up a few roster sports as they are currently at 14 and have a couple more players to sign including MaGee as well as extending Ty Lawson.

    DeRozan / Davis / SAC 2nd Pick for Chandler / Mozgov / Brewer frees up 6.5M for Nuggets and reunites Chandler with Fields at the 2 and 3

    Lowry / Flynn / Uzoh
    Fields / Ross / Devoe Joseph
    Chandler / Kleiza / Brewer
    Bargs / Amir / Acy
    JV / Mozgov / Gray

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