What if Tim Legler's comments are right?

-ESPN’s Tim Legler went on the record to say that Chris Bosh would definitely be traded before the deadline.
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And what if the best deal for the Raptors turns out to be Bosh for Bynum and it happens?

Where do the Raptors land in the second half of the season and beyond? Does it make a guy like Hedo Turkoglu play better because he would suddenly be playing with a face up PF and a low post center, similar (only the poor man's version) to Howard and Lewis? Who then becomes the leader of the team? How do you feel such a deal would work for the Raptors?

Important note: This thread is not about debating IF Bosh gets moved, there are already enough thread about that. This thread is about what if Bosh gets traded. What happens to the team? Discuss.