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Thread: Championship team in 3 years!!!

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    Default Championship team in 3 years!!!

    Step 1:

    Jose Calderon, Ed Davis, rights to Zubcic
    Wilson Chandler, Andres Biedrins

    Step 2:

    Amir Johnson, James Johnson, Terrence Ross
    Derrick Williams, JJ Barea

    Step 3:
    * Sign Either Aaron Gray or Jamaal Magloire
    ** If Fields is matched, sign Randy Foye, Shannon Brown, or CJ Miles
    ***Best Summer League PG between Ben Uzoh, Tu Holloway, or Bobby Brown

    Valanciunas/ Beidrins/ *
    Bargnani/ Williams/ Acy
    Chandler/ Klieza
    DeRozan/ **
    Lowry/ Barea/ ***

    This team will have hime court advantage in the playoffs for several years and could compete for a championship

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    Pretty sure that I think you are wrong in thinking that is a top 4 team in the East. Ross projects to have a better pro game than DeMar, Williams is a Tweener, and Beidrins is just a broken player. Barea is not a good fit and Chandler is average at best.

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