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I don't really understand the outrage over this trade. Value-wise, yes, it sucks we traded a first rounder for a second rounder. But given what BC had to work with you can't be that upset. We lost a 29th overall pick and gained.. maybe a 35th pick? If the rumors are true, we're talking about a guy who was caught smoking a joint on the team plane. If not, we're still dealing with a guy who was (subsequently) demoted and had disagreements with the coach. And despite his scrappy play, was unable to get back into the starting lineup of a team that won a third of its games.

The fact that we were able to get a 2nd round pick for this, is pretty good.

Better case would have been if he was really good and we traded for a better 1st rounder.. but given the circumstances I think we did alright.
What. The. fuck? Smoking a joint on the team plane? Where did these rumours come from?