Toronto send Calderon, DeRozan, Ed Davis, 2014 1st round pick
Toronto receives Roddy Beaubois. Stephen Curry, Andris Biedrins

Dallas trade Roddy Beaubois, Shawn Marion
Dallas receives Calderon, Richard Jefferson, Jeremy Tyler

Goldenstate trade Stephen Curry, Andris Biedrins, Richard Jefferson, Jeremy Tyler
Goldenstate receives DeRozan, Ed Davis, 2014 1st round pick, Shawn Marion

Raps Lineups
Fields/Kleiza/3rd stringer SF or D-League SF

Mavericks Lineups

Warriors Lineups

Why Raptors: They get a sharpshooter in Stephen Curry who has lost favorite for the Warriors due to his inconsitencies and irreplacement for Monta Ellis. Curry will immediately start for the Raptors until Ross proves he's worth the 8th pick so we can let Curry comes off the bench as a 6th man. Beaubois is a decent backup behind Lowry and he could prove his worth as Raps along with Andris Biedrins who has practically become the loser of the Warriors, perhaps a change of scenery can prove wrong to what a player he once was, he could potentially start this team while Valanciunas can come off the bench and start in the mid season.

Why Mavericks: They will get Calderon and either him or Collison will start for the team, my guess is Collison while Calderon will come off the bench. They replace Marion with Jefferson to make Carter happy, Jefferson at this age, is a inch better than Marion. Jeremy Tyler is a scrub, possibly a 3rd stringer PF/C for the team

Why Warriors: They get DeRozan, a great prospect to go along with Barnes to form the best dynamic duo of the future for the Warriors. With the trade for Jarret Jack, Stephen Curry is expendable. Ed Davis is a decent backup and could potentially start for the Warriors for the injured Lee. Marion will provide crucial tutlege for the young Barnes, with this lineup, I don't doubt the Warriors to make to the playoff this year or possibly next year beside they also acquire Toronto's 2014 pick (where they have tons of talents in Wiggins, Randle, J.Parker)