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Wait, JL3 means the immediate end of Jose? I dont think so. I say he is third stringer this year (unless there is an injury), and is insurance if Jose is traded and we cant get a solid back up, or Jose leaves after free agency.

I really do not think he is good enough yet to be a consistent back up pg.

Am I wrong for not interpreting this as"Jose is gone"? Help me out here. I am seeing way to many "Aww, well Jose was good for the Raptors and I hope he can come back later on in his career."
i think we are up to near 20 million at the 1 spot in committed salary. and this is the year to use all available moneys to stock ourselves up. so if they can unload jose they can use that money somewhere else. i don't think this means he is gone but it definitely means he is less essential to the success of this year.

if we were over the cap i would expect a jose trade before the season starts. as of now i still think bc will do his best to move jose before the olympics if possible because if he gets hurt we would be fucked.