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I like this signing because it opens the door for us to find a suitor for Jose Calderon and strengthen another position. However I am curious to see how much we sign JL3 for because if it is for between 2-3 million I feel like we would've been better served if we kept Bayless ...

That being said JL3 is a good 3 point shooter, and he must be a sound defensive player since he is from Chicago.
Yeah I'm starting to wonder too, but I believe the decision was that Bayless' contract would value at around 4$ million, and likely playing the back-up to Lowry AND Calderon. JL3 with 2-3$ million I'm still skeptical about, because a solid 3rd 'C' could be brought in.

Whatever the means, John Lucas was a VERY solid player for Chicago when Rose was out with an injury, and remember Lucas did light us up (I believe it was 2 games)when we played Chicago.

I think whatever happens to the Calderon situation would open more cap space, I'm seeing an asset and cash but I'm no expert on the financial part of the game. Draft picks accumulated should be big for us down the road being our draft pick with the weird protection is to Houston.