If a GM ever predicates his moves on fan reactions then he's stupid and should be fired. I don't get what your point is? BC hasn't changed his philosophy towards building a team since he got here. It's build, but keep flexability, get nowhere, rebuild, be an above average team, fall off a little, retool, rebuild ect. I can't think of a team in this league that is both in great financial standing, but also contending yearly. OKC is unique in that they've still got rookie contracts on two stars. We're going to be paying in the doublefigures for DeRozan, Lowry, Bargs and almost Fields in a few years assuming the team stays in tact for the most part. We'd also have Ross and Val to worry about, not to mention Davis if he develops as expected. We'll be cash strapped soon with a ceiling that stops just short of contending. Woop be excited about our potential. I've been a fan since 2000 and I'd say I've had plenty of reasons withing that time to lose patience. You're telling me it was smart to overpay on two contracts to compete on a limited level for a couple years? Really? Thank god it didn't work out. My point is this is as good as it gets with BC. Don't expect a better roster because this guy finds a way to not deliver every time. Sure he'll have the cash and assets but he'll get a J.O'neall or a Turkoglu cause he doesn't understand the concept of winning big.