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JV from 2010-11 to 2011-12 was a big difference. He is working on his post game. It is not a finished product but it is not garbage either. He is a guy who has routinely put up 12 points on just 5 shots.

Lowry has a much better PER than Jose. Jose is much better on assist to turnover no doubt. Lowry's defence should help lead to easier buckets as well.

Not expecting much from Ross either but the comments about his defensive tenacity are great to hear. Good D leads to easy O. Beyond his rookie year though, he is likely to be at least on par with DeRozan, in my opinion.
I also assume Bargnani will be playing more than 31 games next season (I hope). That right there should give us a big offensive boost, if Lowry/Fields/JV/Ross does not.