Go back to June 28th. You are Bryan Colangelo. What would you have done? Reply here! Heres what I would have done:

Rockets Recieve:
Gary Forbes, Jerryd Bayless, 8th pick, 2013 top 3 protected first round pick

Raptors Recieve:
Kyle Lowry, 12th pick

Since bayless was untradable at the draft, the teams would tell eachother who to select for both picks, and the *trade would later be excecuted in a s&t. Bayless allows the pick to not be restricted to the lottery.

Raptors Recieve:
Rudy Gay, Nikola Vucevic, Josh Selby

Philidelphia Recieves:
Amir Johnson, Jose Calderon, Jeremy Pargo,Toronto 56th pick, Toronto 2013 second round pick

Memphis Recieves:
Andre Igoudala, DeMar DeRozan

Raptors draft:
12: Terrence Ross
37: Will Barton

Toronto Recieves:
Sacramento 2014 second round pick

Sacramento Recieves:*
James Johnson

Raptors sign: Jamaal Magloire
Raptors sign: John Lucas 3rd
Raptors sign:

Valanciunas/ Vucevic/ Magloire
Bargnani/ Davis
Gay/ Klieza/ Anderson
Fields/ Ross/ Barton
Lowry/ Lucas3rd/ Selby

What a team!