I read a couple of articles on the Summer League out of SB Nation today , and the Raptors were shown no love.

The all rookie team:

Point Guard: Damian Lillard
Shooting Guard: Bradley Beal
Small Forward: Jae Crowder
Power Forward: Terrence Jones
Center: Donatas Motiejunas


Ranking the 52 rookies:

5. Jeremy Lamb, Rockets

It looks like he'll end up being the best shooter in this draft. Despite his slender frame, he has no issues getting on balance, wherever he is on the floor. Given his size, he will be lethal running off baseline screens and spotting up in corners. He also has a reputation for being a poor passer, but I saw several nice reads when he popped up from the baseline. It'll be interesting to see if he can shed the bad habit of dancing around side-to-side too much on pick and rolls. That's about the only weakness I noticed in his game.

Still not understanding how he went four picks after Terrence Ross.

20. Terrence Ross, Raptors

If the Raptors see Ross as more of a "3/D" guy that camps out on the perimeter to space the floor and plays strong one-on-one defense, then they should be encouraged by his play in Vegas. You could see him playing with DeMar DeRozan or Landry Fields, occupying a complimentary role while making an impact for his team.

I just feel like the No. 8 pick should have shown a bit more than that. He had major issues getting into the paint off the dribble, forcing him to fire up a bunch of errant jumpers. For the Raptors to get him a scoring opportunity, they had to hope a defender helped off him or that he could free himself using the maze of screens set up for him. His defense was impressive, and he'll be used next season, but I was frankly disappointed in his inability to get to the hoop.
41. Quincy Acy, Raptors: Was seemingly desperate to prove he could hit a perimeter shot, and actually wasn't that bad at it in the limited time he played.

Of course this is just some writer's opinion, but 20 seems a bit low. He obviously likes Lamb better than Ross.

Summer League all veteran team:

Point Guard: Charles Jenkins
Shooting Guard: Josh Selby
Small Forward: Tobias Harris
Power Forward: Markieff Morris (Honourable mention: Ed Davis)
Center: Byron Mullens, Charlotte Bobcats