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Humphries can also contribute for the Nets and Brooks should lead the 2nd unit. They got Evans, Bogans and Watson who are fairly solid backups. You have 4 potential 20pt scorers and rebounders and interior defenders in evans and humpries.

The knicks have two contrasting PGs which i think will be to their advantage. Kidd can open up defenses with his 3s and Felton can open the perimeter with his slashing. i think they'll be deadlier now that they have a pass-first PG in Kidd, who can dish to shooters Novak and JR. Melo, Amare and Chandler are pretty much self explanatory.

Indiana was able to climb up last season due to the fact that the two teams i just mentioned didnt have the players that they have now. Indiana is solid, I dont think Mahinmi will make a big impact as much as the new players that the Knicks and Nets will have on their teams.
D. Will, Hump, Wallace and Brooks were on the team last season, so essentially you feel that the addition of Evans, Bogans, Watson and J. Johnson are enough to bring them from one of the worst teams last year to the second best in the East? I don't agree, but I guess we'll see how the season unfolds.

Same with the Knicks. It's the exact same disfunctional team but they've added Felton and Kidd. Not sure if that one change is enough to make them a drastically better team.

Indiana is one of the most complete and balanced teams in the league and imo they will be right there at the top of the east standings by end of the year.